Private Judging

Burke Law Firm can help bring your trial to a resolution faster than the courts calendars allow.

When court calendars are extremely heavy it can impact how quickly a case gets set for trial.  It can also result in cases being continued multiple times due to a lack of availability of judges and/or courtrooms to hear all cases set on a particular day.  Additionally, courts sometimes limit the time in the courtroom to two days at a time which can leave you litigating issues a day here and a day there over the course of months – which is not beneficial to anyone.

If you are experiencing this, Private Judging with our firm is an option that you may want to explore.  If you choose this option, you retain Burke Law Firm to act as the judge in your case instead of going to court.  You appear at a trial in our office and present evidence and witnesses just as you would in court.  The benefit to private judging is that our calendar can accommodate longer trials in shorter periods of time and there is no chance you will get continued because the court has another matter that takes priority – your case is the only one on calendar.

Once retained as your Private Judge, Burke Law Firm will also hear all pre-trial motions, and lead a private settlement conference in order to try to give you one final chance of amicably resolving your case before the trial begins.

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