Mediation: a more peaceful option

Resolve Family Disputes Without Litigation

Mediation is a non-litigious process geared towards helping you resolve your family dispute without involving the judicial system.  This voluntary process allows those experiencing dispute to make decisions together based on mutual understanding.  If you and your spouse or partner are capable of sitting down together to discuss difficult and important issues, mediation can be an effective tool to resolve matters peacefully and without court involvement.

Our firm’s mediator acts as a neutral third party to help you work through your family matter in a way that prevents or reduces conflict.  The mediator does not represent either person, but rather provides you with a background on the law so that you and your partner or spouse can make fully informed decisions as you reach agreements in your case.

When you have difficulty reaching agreements, the mediator can work with you both to try to reach understandings, brainstorm creative options, and resolve disagreements.

The mediator meets with both you and your partner together initially, and as needed throughout the process. We will draft all of your California court paperwork including financial disclosures, child custody and support agreements, spousal support agreements, and your final Marital Settlement Agreement and judgment documents.

Many people think mediation is only for divorce or legal separation matters; however, mediation is also useful to help resolve disputes related to other family issues, such as custody, support, and other family related matters outside of a divorce or legal separation process.

Family disputes are difficult and emotionally fraught for almost everyone.  This already stressful situation is often made more so by the involvement of the court.  In mediation, there is no litigation. There are no courtrooms, where judges make decisions regarding the most intimate parts of your everyday lives.  Instead, mediation allows you to have greater control over the process related to the resolution of your family law dispute and the overall outcome of your case.

Mediation is also usually less costly than litigation, and less time consuming, so the mediation process generally leaves the participants in a better position, financially and emotionally, to move forward with their lives post-dispute.

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