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In our experience, one of the most difficult issues for parties to address is the question of which parent will have custody of the children and how custody and visitation will look or change post-judgment. These can be emotionally charged issues, and the Burke Law Firm, Inc. team can help you and your co-parent facilitate agreements regarding custody and visitation.  If you are not able to reach agreements, we can help you pursue your custody and visitation matter in court.

In some cases, it is fine to simply have a “reasonable” visitation schedule, which allows parents to work out visitation among themselves without a detailed schedule. There are times, however, when it is necessary to establish a detailed visitation schedule that includes the times and places for visitation and the division of holidays and school breaks.

Sometimes emergency situations arise, such as child abuse, domestic violence, drug or alcohol problems, or interference by one parent with the other’s child custody or visitation rights. When this happens, parents may be able to request an emergency hearing process that will result in immediate temporary orders.

Whether you are establishing an initial custody order, modifying an existing order, or seeking emergency orders, our firm can represent you, advocate for your rights, and resolve your custody matter via settlement or litigation, as necessary.  We can also take all legal actions necessary to enforce an existing order if the other parent does not comply with the terms of the custody or visitation order.

Move Away Cases

These are some of the most difficult cases in family law, and Burke Law Firm, Inc. has handled many “Move Away” cases, including trials. In the event that the custodial parent wishes to move away with the children, there will be a court hearing and/or trial to determine whether the move is the right decision for the kids. Depending upon the location of the move, the outcome of this decision is very important, as it could affect the amount of time the children are able to spend with the non-custodial parent.

Our firm has helped clients pursue Move Away orders and we have helped clients defend Move Away actions.

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