Estate Planning

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Estate planning is the process of planning for the distribution of a person’s assets and the payment of a person’s debts after death.

Determining how your property will be distributed amongst your heirs can be much more involved and complicated than people realize.  It is not as simple as writing down where you want your money and property to go.  The court’s probate system can be complex, especially when the court has no indication of how you wanted your assets divided, and the process can be difficult for your executors, trustees, and heirs.

Every family is unique, so an individualized approach to your estate plan is required.  There are many options to choose from when determining the best way to handle your affairs.  Burke Law Firm, Inc. offers a variety of estate planning services that will help you to create the best plan for your situation.

Estate Planning Topics


A comprehensive estate plan aimed at avoiding probate.


The traditional estate planning tool used to disburse your property.

Power of Attorney/Advanced Health Care Directive

Documents that outline your wishes if you should reach the point that you cannot act on your own behalf.

Nomination of Guardian

A document determining who will care for your minor children when you are gone.

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